Yusen Logistics has established it’s own CFS in the Dongguan Humen Bonded Logistics Park

March 29 2023 Print This Article

Yusen Logistics (Hong Kong) Limited, Hong Kong subsidiary of Yusen Logistics Co., Ltd., will establish and start operating its own CFS in the Dongguan Humen Bonded Logistics Park, which is operated by Hong Kong International Airport, as new project "Airport City" promoted by the Hong Kong Airport Authority (Hereinafter AAHK). Amongst the participating logistics companies, only Yusen Logistics has begun offering its own CFS. We provide customers with additional added value in air export cargo services using feeder vessels from South China to Hong Kong International Airport.

AAHK, the airport authority of the Hong Kong government, is promoting the "Airport City" project, which aims to make Hong Kong International Airport a new landmark and promote economic development. Yusen Logistics has been involved in this project since the beginning, and in October 2022, we began providing a new solution that transports cargo directly from the Bonded Logistics Park (Herein After BLP) under the regulations of Hong Kong International Airport, to Hong Kong International Airport directly by feeder vessel and loading it on aircraft.

We are progressing to the next phase, and have opened our own CFS for air export cargo in Dongguan Humen BLP on March 21, 2023. Yusen is the only logistics solution provider to operate its own CFS in this project, and we will provide customers with Yusen Logistics' high-quality, high-value-added services, such as the building up our own ULDs.

The Greater Bay Area, which consists of nine cities?*¹? in the Pearl River Delta of Guangdong Province, Hong Kong and Macau, is expected to see further economic development in the future. The Dongguan Humen BLP is positioned as a logistics base station for air cargo in the Greater Bay Area, and is expected to play a role as a base of intersection connecting the Greater Bay Area to all of the world, making it easy to access not only from Guangdong Province but also from inside and outside China.
By opening our own CFS in Dongguan Humen BLP, we will manage our customers' important cargo safely, securely, and provide optimal supply chain logistics services connecting the Greater Bay Area with the world.’

At Yusen Logistics, our Mission is to become the world’s preferred supply chain logistics company and to contribute to the sustainable development of business and society. As a partner who can work with customers to create sustainable growth, we will continue to provide optimal supply chain logistics services and promote initiatives that look forward and with long-term perspectives.