Volga-Dnepr’s cargo supermarket services spin healthcare cargo across the globe

September 16 2020 Print This Article

Volga-Dnepr Group of Companies (Group), one of the world leaders in air cargo delivery, continues to provide logistics solutions for the continuous supply of the pharmaceutical industry through the Cargo Supermarket concept. Over the past month, two carriers of the Group - Volga-Dnepr and AirBridgeCargo - have made a significant contribution to pharma logistics.

During August 2020, AirBridgeCargo and its team of specialists managed to organize the delivery of vaccines, which were transported in more than 100 specialized CSafe RKN containers. Most of the containers were arranged on one-way leases for the delivery of valuable cargo from Amsterdam (Netherlands) to Shanghai (China) in partnership with DSV, including sending a record number of containers on a single flight.

At the same time, on the other side of the planet, Volga-Dnepr's team of specialists was able to provide a logistics solution for the Quantum Logistics Freight Forwarder in Brazil in the shortest possible time for the delivery of equipment for the pharmaceutical industry from Brazil to Puerto Rico.

Volga-Dnepr's global coverage and international service with daily flights allowed the company's specialists to process the request, optimizing the regional availability of one of the 12 An-124-100 / 150 cargo aircraft, which was just flying to one of the airports in Brazil. This solution has significantly saved the customer's expenses. On the day of the charter flight to Puerto Rico, the aircraft unloaded and moved to Viracopus International Airport, where it immediately attracted the attention of aviation enthusiasts and spotters, not only because of its global popularity, but also as a sign that the resumption of charter export-import cargo transportation shows the gradual recovery of the Brazilian freight industry in a difficult economic environment.

After landing at Viracopus International Airport, the plane was met by a team of Quantum Logistics specialists, who prepared all the necessary customs documentation and organized a timely truck delivery. The spacious cargo compartment of the An-124-100 with increased capacity made it possible to accommodate all cargo, which in other cases would have to be transported in one row on a commercial cargo plane on several flights. In San Juan, the cargo was thoroughly screened prior to shipment, after which the equipment again became an active link in temperature-sensitive cargo delivery worldwide.

Robinson Gasperi, Managing Director, Quantum Logistics, commented: “It only took our team one day to process the request, from the moment the request was received to the signing of the charter flight agreement. Thanks to the well-coordinated work of Volga-Dnepr, we were able to provide high-quality customer service. We used multimodal delivery with the involvement of 14 trailers, which speaks of the scale of this transportation and the capacity of the An-124-100 cargo compartment, on board of which there is even free space. "

For more than 30 years now, Volga-Dnepr Group has been expanding its range of services in response to the growing demand for transportation of medical products. The group operates charter and scheduled flights using a unique fleet of cargo aircraft, as well as the experience and expertise of its specialists.

Julia Celetaria, Director of Transportation of Pharmaceuticals, AirBridgeCargo summed up: “For us today, healthcare remains a priority, and we try to respond promptly to every request, providing the most favorable solution in terms of time and cost. The last month's shipments not only allowed us to contribute to the continuous supply of the pharmaceutical industry, but also once again demonstrated the concept of our Freight Supermarket in action. The unique logistics solutions of the two carriers provided another opportunity to achieve the goal of improving the health of the world population, which we have been doing for over 30 years. ”