The CMA CGM Group and Ifremer sign a partnership agreement to protect the oceans and marine life

November 01 2022 Print This Article

CMA CGM Group and Ifremer, the French national institute for ocean science, signed a framework agreement on scientific cooperation to bolster research into marine conservation and restoration.

This three-year partnership aims to improve their understanding of these environments, to advance conservation and restoration efforts. Through its work and its expertise, Ifremer helps them better understand the oceans and their resources, monitors the marine and coastal environment, and promotes sustainable development of maritime activities. The CMA CGM Group will provide financial assistance and support through its TANGRAM center of excellence. Collaboration between the partners will be structured around three focal points: biodiversity, innovation and decarbonization of the shipping sector.

The project will involve concrete projects in the Mediterranean, French Antilles and other regions. The first three projects will start up in 2023:

-  Mediterranean: a scientific mission that will immerse structures creating an underwater habitat to assess the state of ecological restoration in the urban marine area in the Port of Marseille, as well as the impact of previous restoration projects.

-  French Antilles: a research mission to study the impact on marine biodiversity of sargassum, a brown seaweed that can cause health issues and economic damage.

-  A scientific expedition aboard ships from the CMA CGM Group fleet, to observe and gather data and information on marine fauna around the world.

Tanya Saadé Zeenny, Executive Officer of the CMA CGM Group, commented: “This partnership with Ifremer, a French institute renowned in the field of marine biodiversity and conservation, will advance research and our understanding of marine life in the Mediterranean and French Antilles. Using the CMA CGM Group fleet to expand our knowledge of ocean biodiversity adds another dimension to the partnership.”

François Houllier, CEO of Ifremer, added: “This partnership reflects Ifremer’s commitment to foster cooperation between maritime stakeholders to understand, protect and restore the oceans. Our partnership with CMA CGM will support the Institute’s work in areas such as the development of ecological restoration and marine fauna monitoring solutions.”