HMM partners with IKEA to drive ocean transport decarbonisation

June 11 2024 Print This Article

HMM and IKEA Supply Chain Operations, have signed an agreement to use HMM’s 'Green Sailing Service', a low-carbon ocean transport solution that will enable both companies to lower their environmental impact and contribute to the decarbonisation of ocean transportation.

The heart of this initiative revolves around the substantial reduction of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) emissions, achieved by substituting conventional fossil fuels with environmentally responsible, waste-based biofuels for the ocean transportation of the IKEA products. 

Biofuels used for this service are ISCC certified biofuels that are manufactured from waste-based biomass. HMM is deploying sustainable biofuel for its FIM service connecting Far East, India, Mediterranean.

Notably, the agreement will help reduce around 11,500 tonnes of CO2e emissions from 1st March, 2024 till 28th February, 2025 with the deployment of such biofuels for the whole of IKEA ocean cargo shipment with HMM. The amount of CO2e emissions (11,500 tonnes) saved through this green partnership with IKEA is capable of transporting 14,534 TEU worth of Zero Emission Cargo from Asia(Busan) to Europe(Rotterdam).

The IKEA goal is to reduce the relative GHG emissions from their product transportation by 70% by 2030 and be zero emissions cargo owner by 2040. 

HMM, which launched the 'Green Sailing Service' early this year, intends to enhance the scope of its service through broad cooperation.

An HMM official said, "We will keep looking for ways to make sustainable development our top goal, which will help us make important progress towards carbon neutrality."