Scan Global Logistics expands footprint to Saudi Arabia

July 10 2024 Print This Article

Global freight forwarder Scan Global Logistics (SGL) is adding a new country to its global network by establishing new locations in Riyadh and Jeddah. This will give the company an immediate footprint in the economic Central and West Provinces of Saudi Arabia as part of its strategic expansion plan. With one additional office planned for 2024 in Dammam in the East province, this emphasises a market in which the company sees great potential.

Establishing our local presence in Saudi Arabia provides access to one of the fastest-growing economies globally. This expansion is driven by Saudi Arabia's strategic location as a central gateway to the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries, Europe, Asia, and Africa, which makes the country an ideal distribution hub for these regions.

"Saudi Arabia is one of the world's fastest-growing economies and a major player in international trade. By establishing our own organisation and presence, we can better control our service offerings to local and global customers," says Allan Melgaard, Global CEO for SGL.

The country is heavily investing in infrastructure projects to diversify its economy and thereby minimise its dependence on oil. Furthermore, Saudi Arabia's growing buying demand requires more logistics. The country's well-established transportation infrastructure, including air, ocean, and road networks, makes trade and commerce seamless and efficient, facilitating businesses’ ability to reach regional and international markets easily.

The new Managing Director of Saudi Arabia, Mohamed Afifi, is delighted for the opportunity:

'I am delighted to take on the task of leading our new team in Saudi Arabia, where we have worked hard to get the right people onboard, that fits into the SGL organisation and our way of working. By carefully selecting and handpicking a team of highly skilled logistics experts with a deep understanding of the local culture and business practices, we gain a significant competitive advantage in the Saudi market with our own operations. Moving forward, we are eager to expand and uncomplicate the world of our customers.’

The new offices will start with 20-25 employees in the first year and are expected to grow to 50 employees in the second year.