Nippon express begins “NEX-Forwarding Gibraltar Liner” Cross-border transport service

March 05 2020 Print This Article

Nippon Express Co., Ltd., will begin sales of "NEX-Forwarding Gibraltar Liner", a cross-border transport service offering consolidated air cargo transport from Japan to Casablanca and Tangier in Morocco, on Tuesday, February 25.

"NEX-Forwarding Gibraltar Liner" is a service in which cargo is flown from airports in Japan to Paris and, once forwarding procedures have been completed, transported and delivered by truck to Nippon Express business locations in Morocco (Casablanca and Tangier) within six to ten days.

Nippon Express, as the only Japanese forwarder with business locations in Morocco, will make all arrangements for transport between Paris and Morocco, and will provide customers reassuring support at both origin and destination.

-  Utilizing space on one of the many regular flights to Paris makes possible more reliable scheduling than that available with the relatively few direct flights to Morocco.

-   Transport costs are lower than for conventional direct air transport to Morocco.

-  The small number of direct cargo flights to Morocco make the country a difficult destination for oversized cargo, but the problems associated with transporting such cargo can be resolved by combining one of the many flights to Paris with heavy truck shipping from Paris to Morocco arranged by Nippon Express.