Bollore Logistics Japan deploys electric van for delivery services in Tokyo

September 13 2022 Print This Article

Bolloré Logistics Japan successfully deployed an electric van (EV) for delivery services in August 2022. With a capacity of 350kg (maximum loadable weight), the EV aims to offer an alternative solution to carry out last-mile deliveries for our clients in Tokyo.

Road transportation is a major source of carbon emissions in metropolitan Tokyo. To reduce this, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT) has been promoting next-generation vehicles through fuel regulations and emission standards, and the deployment of electric vehicles has been considered a key measure to support the transition to green transportation. 

Registered with the MLIT, Bolloré Logistics’ EV is allowed to be used as a commercial cargo transport vehicle. It produces significantly less carbon emissions compared to cars running on gasoline or diesel, which helps to preserve the air quality inside the city. Charged by Tokyo’s local power grid, the EV can reach full battery in 35 minutes on rapid charging and seven hours on normal charging. Its electric motor is also remarkably quiet, thereby reducing noise pollution in the neighborhood. 

In line with Bolloré Logistics’ CSR Program, Powering Sustainable Logistics, Bolloré Logistics Japan will continue developing feasible eco-friendly solutions to deploy in its domestic market and work with customers to achieve a sustainable supply chain. 

In January 2022, Bolloré Logistics Japan launched its first Hybrid Truck in collaboration with a key customer in the luxury sector, to reduce overall CO2 emissions.