ZIM Introduces the New Levant - Black Sea Express (LBX) Service

October 06 2020 Print This Article

ZIM is very pleased to announce a significant upgrade of its East Mediterranean & Black Sea Network, with the introduction of the Levant - Black Sea Express (LBX).

LBX is designed to enhance and extend the scope of ZIM’s services in the region through wider port coverage and precise synchronization with ZIM’s mainliners connecting to Asia and America.  

The new LBX, solely operated by ZIM, will have the following rotation:

Port Said East - Alexandria - Mersin - Novorossiysk – Constanta - Aliaga – Mersin - Haifa – Port Said East

LBX was planned to cater for the specific needs of customers in the region, including additional capacity and seasonal agricultural cargo, with the following advantages:

-  Smooth synchronized connectivity to Asia and America Mainliners

-  Improved service to Romania with better transit time, 2 weekly Asia Sailings & direct Israel service

-  Direct service between Egypt & Turkey to the Black Sea

-  Serving reefer cargo from Egypt and Turkey to Black Sea Ports

-  Additional capacity for the Russian Market

-  Enhanced coverage and additional calls in Turkey

Rani Ben-Yehuda, ZIM EVP Cross Suez and Atlantic BU, said: “The introduction of the new LBX service is taking our regional network to a new level, with enhanced scope and coverage and smooth connections to mainliners, all tailor-made for the needs of our customers in the region.”