Swissport is a launching partner in TIACA's BlueSky sustainability verification program

September 26 2022 Print This Article

Swissport International is a launching partner and the only global aviation ground services company to contribute to the BlueSky Program, the recently launched sustainability verification initiative by TIACA, The International Air Cargo Association. 

Just a week after announcing far-reaching ESG-targets, Swissport affirms its ambition as the sector leader in sustainable business. As part of the company's efforts to reduce its carbon footprint and to eliminate waste, Swissport is joining the BlueSky Program, a sustainability verification initiative by TIACA, The International Air Cargo Association. In the group of nine aviation sector pioneers, Swissport is the first and only global ground handler to be included at launch. The program will work to enable organizations in the air cargo industry, to assess and track their sustainability progress, benchmark against peers, and accelerate the industry’s transformation.

“We really wanted to play our part in the TIACA initiative from the start and are proud to be one of the pioneers of their BlueSky Program,” says Nadia Kaddouri, Chief Strategy and Sustainability Officer of Swissport. “As the global market leader in airport ground services and air cargo services, Swissport is committed to making a more sustainable aviation future a reality. We just announced extensive new sustainability goals last week."

On 14 September 2022, Swissport made public extensive goals for the de-carbonization of its operations, waste management and circularity, and for diversity and inclusion among its people. The company's ESG agenda will be aligned with its ambitious growth plan and at the same time support its long-term development and success.

"With our dedication to the daily delivery of a top performance, we have positioned Swissport as a global leader and preferred partner in air cargo logistics," says Dirk Goovaerts, Swissport's Global Cargo Chair and Managing Director Continental Europe, Middle East and Africa. "Translating this leadership to the field of sustainability is a logical choice and commitment. It is becoming an increasingly important part of our strategy for the future."

Swissport has long relied on sustainable technologies in its air cargo business and invests in sustainable business solutions wherever possible. For example, in Frankfurt and Vienna, the company uses solar power generated by photovoltaic systems on the roofs of its new air cargo centers. Also, in Vienna, an electrically powered truck has been in use since May 2022, to transport freight shipments between the Swissport cargo center in Fischamend and Vienna airport with zero emissions. In addition, the use of lightweight cardboard beams for freight shipment pallets are currently being tested at several locations. The aim of these pilots is not only to lower the weight air cargo shipments and thus reduce fuel burn, and to reduce wood and plastic consumption.