Silk Way West Airlines successfully transported yaks from Kyrgyzstan to Azerbaijan

June 14 2024 Print This Article

Silk Way West Airlines, the leading cargo airline in the Caspian and Central Asian region, announces the successful transportation of 116 yaks from Kyrgyzstan, to Azerbaijan. This mission was conducted at the request of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Azerbaijan to bolster the breeding program in Kalbajar, demonstrating the airline's firm support of sustainable agricultural development.

The yaks, vital to the agricultural biodiversity of Azerbaijan, traveled over 2,000 kilometers aboard a Boeing 747-400F from Bishkek Manas International Airport to Ganja Airport. To ensure the highest welfare standards, the yaks were accommodated in custom-designed crates that provided protection from injury and stress. The aircraft was equipped with advanced ventilation and temperature control systems to maintain an optimal environment throughout the journey.

Upon arrival, the yaks were carefully transported by truck to their new homes in the lush pastures of Kalbajar. There, they will contribute to local agricultural practices and enhance the genetic diversity of the region's livestock.

Silk Way West Airlines has a longstanding history of managing complex live animal shipments. The company’s portfolio includes the safe transportation of various species including alpacas, kangaroos, dogs, horses, and European bison, showcasing its extensive capabilities and dedication to animal welfare.

Vugar Mammadov, Vice-President CIS and Central Asia at Silk Way West Airlines, expressed pride in the company's role in this initiative. "We are honored to support sustainable agriculture and biodiversity through expert handling and transportation of live animals. This collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture underscores our commitment to enhancing local ecosystems and contributing to global sustainability efforts," said Mr Mammadov.

This project is aligned with Silk Way West Airlines' broader corporate social responsibility goals, which include supporting environmental sustainability and aiding in the development of local communities.