PIL enhances Korea China straits service (KCS)

July 02 2024 Print This Article

Pacific International Lines (PIL) is pleased to announce that they have expanded their   Korea China Straits Service (KCS), to now include Qingdao and Incheon as key port additions. Commencing July 4, 2024 from Busan, South Korea, this revamped service will be jointly operated by PIL and its partners, featuring four vessels with a nominal capacity of about 2,800 TEUs.

Mr Surendran Mathilagath, General Manager of Intra-Asia Services at PIL, said, "This upgrade of our KCS service reaffirms our strategy to broaden PIL’s presence in Asia. It further enhances PIL’s network across North Asia, enabling us to optimise transit efficiency and offer competitive pricing. We aim to continuously bolster connectivity for our valued customers throughout the region and globally."

The enhanced rotation for the KCS service includes the following ports:

Busan – Incheon – Qingdao – Shanghai – Singapore – Port Klang (Westport) – Ho Chi Minh (Cat Lai) – Shekou – Busan