New wood-chip carrier for Marusumi Paper Co. delivered

August 29 2022 Print This Article

On August 23, the wood chip carrier "Stellar Harmony"  was completed by Iwaki Shipbuilding Co., Ltd., a member of the Imabari Shipbuilding Group. Based on a long-term transportation contract with Marusumi Paper Co., Ltd., the vessel will mainly transport environmentally and socially friendly woodchips from New Zealand, Australia, North America and South America.

The vessel is equipped with a Hybrid Fin (energy-saving equipment attached to the rudder to improve propulsion efficiency) and an energy-saving governor (equipment that saves fuel and reduces the load during main engine operation). It will be an eco-ship that uses a main engine with specifications that improve efficiency.

In addition, the vessel will pump up seawater on the route and collect microplastics floating in the ocean. After being landed, the collected microplastics will be analyzed by the Chiba Institute of Technology and used for research to clarify the actual distribution of microplastics in the ocean.  

Overview of the vessel
(1) Overall length: Approximately 199.9 meters
(2) Overall width: 32.24 meters
(3) Deadweight tons: 49,506 tons
(4) Loading capacity: Approximately 3,600,000 cubic feet
(5) Builder: Imabari Shipbuilding Group Iwaki Shipbuilding On February 3, 2021, the NYK Group, Inc.