Kawasaki Heavy Industries delivered a 81,000-dwt bulk carrier

June 14 2021 Print This Article

Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd., at Nantong Chuo Kaiun Kawasaki Ship Engineering Co., Ltd., which is jointly operated with China Ocean Shipping Group Co., Ltd., is an 81- inch rose for INDIGO MARINE SHIPPING SA. product carrier " NAVIOS STAR “ (The first 8068 No.

ship / NACKS first 330 was delivered the No. vessels).


-  It is a flat deck type with a forecastle and has seven holds that can carry cargo such as grains, coal, ore.

-  It is equipped with a fuel-efficient electronically controlled diesel main engine, and adopts technologies that contribute to propulsion performance such as a propeller with a high propulsion efficiency, a rudder valve with Kawasaki fins and a semi-duct with contra fins developed by us. We are trying to improve.

-  By reducing fuel consumption and CO 2 emissions by adopting energy-saving technology, we have achieved not only Phase 1 of the EDI regulations * required for the ship, but also the amount of reduction equivalent to Phase 2.