FESCO launches northern delivery 2020 to Chukotka

June 10 2020 Print This Article

FESCO Transport Group has begun seasonal transport of goods to the ports of the Chukotka Autonomous Okrug under the Northern Delivery Program.

The universal cargo ship FESKO Posyet set sail on June 7th. The ship will deliver about 4 thousand tons of containerized and general cargo to the ports of Anadyr and Egvekinot. The estimated date of arrival of the bulk carrier in Chukotka is June 16.

Cargo delivery is carried out as part of the FESKO Anadyr Direct Line (FADL) linear service and will last until the end of October. In total, during the summer navigation period, FESCO vessels will make 6 flights to Chukotka. The FADL service carries out regular transportation of any cargo in dry, refrigerated SOS and SOC containers, which follow both in inter-port communication, and in direct mixed railway-water communication, as well as general cargo. In 2019, FESCO transported 1,415 TEU and more than 500 tons of general cargo on the Vladivostok-Anadyr-Egvekinot-Vladivostok route.

The Group's ships annually deliver cargo to the northern ports of Russia during the summer navigation period, thus FESCO successfully implements consumer goods in areas with limited navigation periods.