Ernst Russ Group acquires 2,194 TEU container ship FRIDA RUSS

May 15 2023 Print This Article

The Ernst Russ Group acquires a 2,194 TEU container ship and expands its fleet to 31 vessels.

The Ernst Russ Group took over a container ship with a capacity of 2,194 TEU which, as of today, will sail under the name "FRIDA RUSS". The vessel was built in Guangzhou/China in 2017 and is still chartered out for a remaining period of up to 20 months with an option right for a further three months at market levels.

The schedule of the “FRIDA RUSS” for the coming months envisages a South-Pacific trade for the "FRIDA RUSS" with calls at Papua New Guinea, Fiji Islands, New Caledonia and Solomon Islands. The parties have agreed not to disclose the details of this transaction.

With this investment, the Ernst Russ Group is further expanding its shipping portfolio and contributing to the desired rejuvenation of the group's own fleet. Just recently, the Ernst Russ Group acquired the container ship "Bakkafoss" with a capacity of 1,025 TEU in a joint venture with the Icelandic shipping company Eimskip.