DHL Group expands GoHelp program to Europe

April 22 2024 Print This Article

In partnership with the United Nations, DHL Group volunteers its logistics expertise and global network to help provide global relief efforts in disaster areas since 2005. Now, DHL Group expands its GoHelp program to Europe due to a growing number of catastrophes in recent times. With the launch of GoHelp Europe, the program now covers all global disaster hotspots. At Istanbul International Airport in Turkey, the first training for a Disaster Response Team (DRT) in Europe is held from April 19-21, attended by 50 employees. GoHelp is divided into disaster response and disaster preparedness: The DRTs deploy to airports in need when called upon by the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs. The Get Airports Ready for Disaster program collaborates with the United Nations Development Program to prepare airport personnel and local disaster management organizations to better manage incoming relief goods.

"Europe has been facing an increasing number of climate-related crises, like the floods in Germany and Belgium in 2021. On top of this we witnessed terrible earthquakes in Turkey and Morocco last year", says Christoph Selig, Vice President Sustainability Communications and Programs at DHL Group. "Recognizing this, we're extending GoHelp's reach and impact to Europe after a successful implementation over the past 15 years in Latin America, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa region. This expansion reflects our commitment to contributing our core logistics expertise to support those affected by disasters, ensuring a more efficient and coordinated disaster response." 

DRTs help to optimize logistics procedures and provide timely support at disaster-site airports free of charge within 72 hours. For Europe, the scope of DRT operations may be expanded to beyond airport deployments. The DRT training consists of theoretical and practical sessions. Multiple exercises are included, depending on the region and venue of the training. The focus lies on optimizing movement sequences and mastering techniques for assembling and disassembling pallets, particularly for airline pallets, locks, and nets. Furthermore, the training covers essential skills such as operating forklifts, as well as effective radio communication for seamless coordination. 

On top of that, DHL Group hosts a Global GoHelp Conference in Istanbul (April 22-23). The conference intends to serve as a platform for focused discussions and collaborative initiatives within the humanitarian sector, featuring representatives from the Group's GoHelp program, internal DHL divisional and functional experts, esteemed partners and colleagues from the United Nations, and other organizations. The objective of the conference is to examine the achievements of the GoHelp program, the European launch of GoHelp, and the 15-year milestone of Get Airports Ready for Disaster.