AEI receives ETOPS 120 approval for the B737-400/-300SF

March 07 2023 Print This Article

Aeronautical Engineers, Inc. (AEI) is pleased to announce that it has received ETOPS 120 approval from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for its B737-400/-300SF freighter conversion. This approval validates the AEI Freighter Conversion STC on ETOPS approved 737-400 and 737-300 aircraft.

The ETOPS 120 approval allows the B737-400/-300SF freighter to fly 120-minute extended operations over water and remote regions.

“This latest ETOPS approval on our B737-400SF and B737-300SF freighter opens up additional markets for our leasing and cargo airline customers and provides them with additional operational flexibility,” said Robert T. Convey, senior vice president of sales and marketing for AEI.

AEI’s B737-400SF provides a highly flexible Ancra CLS capable of carrying multiple ULD’s including:

(10) 88”x125” ULDs in P1 to P10 or

(10) 88”x108” in P1 to P10 and

(1) 53”x88”x64” Pallet or AEP/AEH or 60.4”x61.5” AKE/LD3 or 61.5”x88”x56”H AYY in P11

AEI has designed this unique flexibility to allow cargo operators to immediately adapt to multiple ULD configurations at a moment’s notice. When combined with proven reliability, the AEI Converted B737-400/-300SF will allow operators to keep their aircraft – “In the air, generating revenue”.