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Airbus A319CJ

Country of Origin European consortium
Type Long range large corporate jet

The Airbus Corporate Jetliner, or A319CJ, is a long range corporate jet development of the A319 airliner which competes directly with the Boeing Business Jet and dedicated long range corporate jets such as the Bombardier Global Express and Gulfstream V. Airbus launched the A319CJ at the 1997 Paris Airshow and the first A319CJ rolled out of Dasa's Hamburg A319/A321 assembly hall in October 1998. The airframe was then due to be fitted with belly auxiliary fuel tanks and flight test instrumentation prior to making a first flight in May 1999. Certification is planned for mid 1999 with the first customer delivery due in November that year. Unlike the Boeing Business Jet, which combines the 737-700's airframe with the 737-800's strengthened wing and undercarriage, the A319CJ is designed to be a minimum change development of the A319. This means, according to Airbus, that the A319CJ can be easily converted to an airliner, thus increasing the aircraft's potential resale value. The first A319CJ is powered by IAE V2500s but CFM56s are also available, while the A319's containerised cargo hold means that the CJ's auxiliary fuel tanks can be easily loaded and unloaded, giving operators flexibility to reconfigure the aircraft for varying payload/range requirements. Like the rest of the A320 single aisle family (plus the A330 and A340), the A319CJ shares Airbus' common advanced six screen EFIS flightdeck with sidestick controllers, plus fly-by-wire flight controls. At mid 2002 Airbus had selected five cabin outfitters for the aircraft - among which Lufthansa Technik in Germany, Jet Aviation of Switzerland, and Air France Industries. Airbus will supply green A319CJ airframes to the outfitters for interior fitment. Interiors weigh around 3.8 tonnes (8500lb) and cost $US4-10m. Outfitting will typically take four to six months. The first A319CJ order, announced in December 1997, was placed by a Kuwaiti individual. Among the later customers are the Italian, French, and Venezuelan Air Forces, Taiwan's Eva Air, and Qatar Airways.

Powerplants Two 118kN (26,500lb) International Aero Engines IAE V2527M-A5 or CFM International CFM56 turbofans.
Performance Max cruising speed Mach 0.82. Max altitude 41,000ft. Range with 10 passengers 11,650km (6300nm). Rate of climb 23min to 37,000ft
Weights Max take-off 75,500kg (166,450lb), zero fuel 58,515 kg (129,000lb)
Dimensions Wing span 33.91m (111ft 3in), length 33.80m (110ft 11in), height 11.80m (38ft 8.5in). Wing area 122.4m2 (1317.5sq ft).
Capacity Flightcrew of two. Six standard layouts offering seating from 10 to 39 passengers.
Production Up to 12 A319CJs expected to be built each year. First customer delivery scheduled for November 1999. Green A319CJ costs $US35m, interior completion can cost $US4-10m. Twelve firm orders held at late 1998.
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